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Global Studies III

Mr. Epstein

Stuyvesant High School




#18 Was the Industrial Revolution a blessing or a curse for the working man? Write a paper of at least two pages, taking and defending a position on this subject. Please use at least half of the documents provided to you and at least two outside sources. Information from outside sources must be cited using internal citations, and be listed in a proper bibliography at the end of the paper. Documents

Here are more documents to help you write your paper: 1.Ignore the fact that tradegy is misspelled, there are good documents here.

2. This one is mostly negative, but has a lot of interesting information.

Review Sheet for Exam #2

Mon Oct 7-Why did Great Britain become the worlds first industrial nation? Read text pgs 508-511. Also go to map of enclosure movement. As your outlining think about: the advantages Britain had in becoming the worlds first industrial nations, the importance of the enclosure movement, and the economic advantages that Britan had





Wednesday Oct 9- How did the invention of the railroad impact life in Great Britain? pgs 514-518

Think about: How were goods transported before the railroad?, How did the railroad age begin?, How did railroads affect: the growth of industry, employment, and agriculture?


Thursday, Oct 10- How did the industrial revolution impact living and working conditions in early 19th century England?

Think about: How did industrialization lead to urbanization?, How did urbanization impact tradition family roles?, Why did class tensions emerge in the England in the mid-1800's?, Why did workers join unions?

Read these resources. Prints out Engels' account of Manchester and The Philosophy of Manufacturers and bring them into class.

The Peterloo Massacre

Engels Industrial Manchester

The Philosophy of Manufacturers, 1835

Friday, Sept 11- Okay, forget about all this stuff! No homework this weekend-yeah!!!

Week # 6- Tuesday Oct 15 thru Friday Oct 18

Tuesday Oct 15- Review and assessment of the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution disrupted patterns of life which began during the Neolithic Revolution (approx 10,000 years ago). Using information from your textbook and stuff that you might find on the internet: write a poem, song, rap, or short story entitled "From the Neolithic to the Industrial Revolution", in which you identify the ways that the Industrial Revolution changed life for human beings. Consider the changes in population, economics and society, work and the family, and social structure wrought by industrialization. Encarta has really good information on this under the heading Modernization: the nature of the modern society.

I will bring an acoustic guitar to class... or some instrument, so be prepared to read or sing your piece to the rest of the class

Wednesday, Oct 16- How did leaders at the Congress of Vienna attempt to create a "balance of power" throughout Europe? pgs. 527-531 (You should be able to: 1. Define Conservatism, Liberalism, and Radicalism, 2. Explain the political and social ideals of Metternich, 3. explain the concept of "balance of power", and 4. explain the changes the Congress made to restore the balance of power.)

Thursday, Oct 17 - How successful were the revolutions of 1848? pgs. 531-533, 541-543. ( You should be able to: 1. relate the concept of nationalism to the outcomes of the Congress of Vienna, 2. explain how the English gov't was able to avoid violent revolution, 3. Analyze the causes and effects of the revolutions of 1848, 4. Evaluate the results of the revolutions of 1848.)

Week # 7- October 21-25

Monday,Oct 21- The Irish Potato Famine: Should the Irish Potato Famine be considered a genocide? Just read about it; remember, your project is due on Wedenesday! here

Tuesday, Oct 22- Yes, I was absent- but the project is still due tomorrow, Wednesday Oct 23. I repeat, project- on modern industrialization- due tomorrow, Wednesday Oct 23.

Thursday, Oct 24- Romanticism- Read and Outline p533-535. Make sure you can identify the four distinctive characteristics of Romanticism.

Friday, Oct 25- Write a short paper (about 3 paragraphs) taking a position on this question: Should the Irish Potato Famine be considered a genocide? In order to answer this question you should: 1. Be familiar with the direct causes of the famine (the potato fungus thing), 2. Understand the impact of the famine on the Irish population, 3. Be familiar with England's pre-famine policies toward Ireland (The Act of Union of 1800 and the corn laws if 1815) and understand how it impacted the Irish during the years of crises, 4. Understand how the system of absentee landholding impacted and shaped the Famine, 5. Be familiar with the steps Prime Minister Robert Peel took to alleviate the suffering in Ireland, and 6. Be familiar how the Whig belief in laissez-faire government and their policies (the Poor Laws, the Gregory Clause) impacted the famine. If this information is not clear from the class activity, you are responsible for finding it yourself using the web (the web link that I made is a good place to start)

One student will be randomly chosen to read and defend their paper!

This is the defintion of genocide according to The systematic and planned extermination of an entire national, racial, political, or ethnic group.

Week # 8- October 28-November 1

Monday, Oct 28- Romanticism- if you have not already outlined this section, see above.

Tuesday, Oct 29 Indepedence Movements in South America

Outline pgs 535-539 and answer questions 1 and 2 on the Focus on Geography part. In class tomorrow you should:1. be able to describe the divisions in Latin American society under Spanish rule, 2. Explain how Haiti gain its independence, 3. be able to identify the short term and long term causes of independence in Latin America, 4. Name the contributions of Simon Bolivar and San Martin to Latin American independence, 5. describe how Brazil became independent, and 6. Identify the modern day countries of Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil on a map.

Wednesday, Oct 30 Mexican Independence and Latin America after Independence

outline pgs 539-540. In class tommorow you will be expected to be able to: 1. Describe how Mexico became independent and how it differed from revolts in other Spanish colonies, 2. Identify the groups that dominated Latin American after independence, and 3. Explain why the Monroe Doctrine was drawn up.

Friday, Nov 1- Review and Assess Chapter 23- Restoration, Romanticism, and Revolution

1. Nationalism- On page 528 of your text, one paragraph begins with, "The Congress of Vienna was a political triumph...". Considering the spread of nationalism, the revolutionary events in Europe in the 1830's and 1840's, and the revolutions in Latin America, assess the validity of this statement(one or two paragraphs).

2. Romanticism- Choose one of the Romantic painter's listed on page 535 of your textbook. Find one of their paintings on the internet, print it out, and explain how it characterizes that style.

Week # 9- November 4-8

Monday, Nov 4 How did technological advances lead to a "global economy"?, outline pgs. 546-550 (in class you will be expected to explain what is meant by a global economy, assess the impact of improved commuication and transportation in the 19th century, and identify the causes of immigration and emigration.

Wednesday, Nov 6 Prepare infomerical with group

Thursday, Nov 7

    Outline pgs. 551-553 and read the Communist Manifesto. Print it out and bring it to class! In class you will be expected to: 1. Describe the views of Karl Marx as set forth in the Comuunist Manifesto, 2. Explain the difference between Communism and Socialism, 3. Assess the importance of Marxism for the 20th century, and 4. Identify why some of Marx's predictions did not happen.

Friday, Nov 8 Realism-

    Read text pgs. 553-554. Then read this excerpt from Charles Dickens'Hard Times,and answer this question: How is Realism evidenced in this work? Print out the excerpt and bring it into class.

Week # 10- November 12-15

    Tuesday, Nov 12- No homework

    Friday, Nov 15: The Unification of Italy- outline pgs. 555-557

Week # 11- November 18-22

    Monday, Nov 18- Complete RAPS about Italian unification entitled the "Soul, the Sword, and the Brain".

Tuesday, Nov 19- The Unification of Germany, outline pgs. 557(starting with Austria and Prussia were rivals)- 559.

Review Sheet for Exam # 1

Friday, Nov 22- The Age of Imperialism- read and outline pgs. 568-571

Week # 12- November 25-27

    Monday, Nov 22- Imperialists Divide Up Africa- read and outline pgs. 571-576. In addition to outlining, make a list of the benefits and disadvantages of colonialism from the point of view of native Africans and do the same from the point of view of Europeans.

Wednesday, Dec 4- The British in India, read and outline pgs. 577-580.

Week of December 9-13

    Monday, Dec 9- Imperialism in China, read and outline pgs. 580-583.

    Tuesday, Dec 10- Imperialism in Japan, read and outline pgs. 584-586

    Wednesday, Dec 11- Imperialism in the Western Hemisphere, read and outline pgs. 586-589

    Thursday, Dec 12- Inventions at the turn of the 20th century, read and outline pgs. 592-597

    Friday, Dec 20- Science at the turn of the 20th century, read and outline pgs. 597-600. Have a wonderful break!

    Thursday, Jan 2- Art and entertainment at the turn of the 20th century- Read and outline text pgs. 604-606

    Friday, Jan 3-Europe Faced Rising Tensions at the turn of the 20th century- Read and outline text pgs. 607-611

    Monday, Jan 6- What were the causes of World War I? Read and outline pgs. 620-624

    Tuesday, Jan 7- How did World War I begin? Read and outline pgs. 624-627

    Thursday, Jan 9- How did WWI impact Europe? Read and outline pgs. 627-629- Up to and including "The Death Toll Mounts".

    Friday, Jan 10- How did the allies win WWI? Read and outline pgs. 629-634

    Mon, Jan 11- No Homework

    Tuesday, Jan 12- Was the Treaty of Versailles a fair treaty? Read and outline pgs. 634-637

    Tuesday, January 21- Study for final by preparing for the mother of all Jeopardies!!!