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Global Studies III

Project # 2


Subject: the Continuing Industrial Revolution


The industrial revolution is still happening!  All the social problems that one finds in Europe and America in the 19th century- child labor, disruption of rural communities, very rapid economic transformations of society, vast new cities, pollution- can be found in the modern world.


Your task is to research industrialization in one of the following countries and answer this question:


Should industrialization be considered a great boon, mixed blessing, or a disaster for the people of that country?


Use information you find in one of the English language newspapers of the country you are researching (Yahoo has a good list at, and on-line American newspapers such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Miami-Herald, the LA Times or the Christian Science Monitor, in order to answer the question. Also, you may use a first hand interview, official governmental web sites, and/or official web sites from United Nations organizations if you wish.


Your paper should no more than 3 pages in length, describe the changes taking place in the country with respect to industrialization, present varying points of view on whether it is beneficial to the people of the country, and finally present your own, informed opinion on the matter. Be prepared to share your findings with the rest of the class. You might think about preparing copies of things like graphs, charts, or even photographs to help you present your findings to the class. Remember, the idea behind this project is for the class to learn about the economic and social realities from each other's research. I am looking forward to learning from you!

  The paper should be completely written by you, with all references to uncommon knowledge cited according to the MLA handbook format for citing internet sources. Your paper should contain internal citations as well as a work cited page. Detailed information on how to do internal citations and a work cited page can be found on the my homepage under the Help for Research Link.  Plagiarism will not be tolerated.


You should use at least five sources.  


The following countries are suggested, however you may research a country that is not on this list after approving it with me: Mexico, Brazil, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Thailand.  


Due Wednesday, Oct 23