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Mr. Epstein

Stuyvesant High School

Class Contract- Global Studies II


Welcome to Global Studies II.  This course provides students with the opportunity to explore what is happening in various regions and civilizations at a given time.  Parents and students please read the following course requirements closely and sign the bottom of the sheet.  Your signature means that you have read, and are aware of the course requirements and grading policy.  Students please tear off the signed portion of the document and return it to me. Keep the body of the form for reference.   


Contact Information


Parents and students are encouraged to contact me with questions and concerns via e-mail.    My Stuyvesant e-mail address:  Parents please feel free to contact me at any point during the semester. 

Throughout the course I make extensive use of the Internet.  Students will be required to access information at my web site at  For those students who do not have access to the web from home, computers are provided in the social studies office in room 302.  Parents are encouraged to check the web-site for current homework and project assignments.


Grading Policy


                Examinations/Projects (2 per marking period)   45%                                     

                Final Examination                                                           10%

Homework                                                                             20%

Term Project                                                                    10%

Class Work (includes participation)                                        15%






Approximately 6 exams will be given during the semester.  They will either be in-class short answer/essays, or take home projects.  Test day for the Social Studies department is Friday.





                Homework is a prerequisite to a successful mastery of the course of study.  It will be assigned daily and generally will be collected the following day. Homework will be graded on a 3 point system with 3=100, 2=85, 1=65, 0=NC.  At the end of each marking period all of your homework grades will be averaged together and this score will make-up 20% of your total grade.  Uncompleted and incompleted homeworks will be average into your homework grade as zeros.


Late Homework’s- You have two days after the assigned due date to hand in a homework.   You will be allowed to hand in three late home works during the term without incurring penalty.  Any additional late homework’s will not be accepted and you will receive a zero for that homework.



                                Term Project


Students will be required to complete one term project.  The details of the project will be explained at a later date.



Class work


                Participation in class discussion is extremely important.  When speaking in class students are expected to maintain a modicum of courtesy toward their teacher and fellow students at all times.  If you have something to say, please raise your hand and wait to be called upon before speaking.  Never cut anybody off.  Also, if someone is speaking when the final-bell rings, student or teacher, do not get up and leave, or shuffle paper; wait to the person finishes his or her thought before exiting.


Extra-credit- There will be many opportunities for students to earn extra-credit throughout the term.


Final Examination


A comprehensive, cumulative final examination will be given at the conclusion of the course. The composition of the exam has not yet been determined.



Absence and Lateness Policy


                Students are expected to be in class everyday.  Students will be excused from absences by giving me a note from their parents or doctor prior to their absence, or on the day they return to school.  Students will be penalized for excessive absences and/or cutting.   Please give me absence or late notes at the beginning of the class. 


                Lateness will not be tolerated.  Students who arrive to class after the late bell rings, without an appropriate note or pass, will be marked late.  Lateness is particularly annoying because it disrupts the flow of the lesson and disturbs the concentration of teacher and student




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