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Global Studies II- Course of Study


Topic 1: Early Japanese History and Feudalism (3000 BC-1603 AD)


Topic 2: Rise and Fall of the Mongol Empire (1208-1380)


Topic 3:Global Trade and Interactions: Canton, Cairo, Venice (500-1650)


Topic 4: The Resurgence of European Urban Centers: Hanseatic League and Italian City States (1100-1400)


Topic 5: The Expansion of Chinese, Portuguese, and Dutch Trade (1394-1641)


Topic 6: The Plague (1320-1351)


Topic 7:Resurgence of Europe (1300-1600)


Topic 8: The Rise and Impact of European Nation States: England and France (987-1603)


Topic 9: Rise of Mesoamerican Empires Before 1500 (Olmec, Mayan, Aztec and Incan Empires) (1500 BC-1500 AD)


Topic 10: The Rise and Fall of African Empires: Mali and Songhai Empires


Topic 11: The Ming Dynasty in China (1386-1644)