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H2G Extra-Credit Assignment

Imaginary Exploration Expedition

Each group will present information about one of the European voyages of exploration of the 15th and 16th centuries.

Tasks: Biographer (reports on explorer's personal history), Sponsor (outlines goals and procedures of impending voyage), Recruiter (advertises voyage to recruit help), Trip Biographer (describes success/failure, results of voyage).

Explorers and Expeditions: 1. Vasco De Gama/Calicut, India, 2. Christopher Columbus/the "Indies", 3. Ferdinand Magellan/Asia via the South American continent.

What we will do in class: After the students have collected their information, the Biographer, Sponsor, and Recruiter from each group will present their information to the rest of the class.  Class members will choose which voyage they would like to accompany.  Then, trip biographers will report on the outcome of each voyage.  Finally, students will vote on which voyage came closest  to fulfilling the recruiter's and sponsor's descriptions.