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Review Sheet for Global Exam # 1



I.                    Japan:

1. Geography- In addition to knowing how geography impacted Japanese society, be able to identify important places on a map (basically, memorize the map on page 291 of the text)

                        2. Early Japan- Clans, Shinto

                        3. How did Japan develop a unique civilization through the mixing of Chinese and traditional culture?

                        4. How does Buddhism differ from Shinto?

                        5. The Heian Age- How would you characterize the court society of the Heian period?

                        6. What was the social, political, and economic function of the temple at Enichiji?

                        7. Feudalism- What is feudalism?, structure of Japanese Feudalism, main characteristics of the Kamakura and Tokugawa Shogunates and the Age of the Country at War, The Tale of the 47 Ronin- be familiar with the story and how it reflects the values that guided the life of the Samurai

                        8. Zen- What are the goals of a practitioner of Zen Buddhism?, What are the historical roots of Zen Buddhism (hand-out in class)?

                        9. Film- Rashomon- Basic plot, major themes


II. China:         1. Approximate dates of Sui, Tang, and Sung dynasty’s

2. Significance of the Sui dynasty.

3. Important characteristics of the Tang and Sui

4. ID: T’ai-tsung, Empress Wu Chao

5. Technological advances during the Tang and Sung