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Review Sheet for Global II Exam 4

Mr. Epstein



Topics: Japan and the Civilizations of India and Southeast Asia


Text: pgs. 294-311



Stuff to review:


I.                     Japan

a.       Impact and influence of geography, Japanese geography quiz

b.       Early development:

                                                               i.      Reading: From the Stone Age to Statehood: Myths, Prehistory, and Ancient History (to 710)

                                                              ii.      Shinto

                                                            iii.      Borrowings from China (500)

                                                            iv.      The Heian period (710-784)

c.       Japanese Feudalism

                                                               i.      Structure of : class hand-out

                                                              ii.      Similarities and differences to European Feudalism

                                                            iii.      The Kamakura and Tokugawa Shogunates:

1.        Centralized feudalism

2.        Was Tokugawa rule beneficial or detrimental to Japan?  Hand-out

d.       Zen

                                                               i.      How did it develop?

                                                              ii.      The aim of Zen- “Satori”: hand-out for homework

                                                            iii.      Hand-out- Zen quotes

                                                            iv.      Japanese Tea Ceremony

1.        Web site, in class exercise- How does it express Japanese values? How does it relate to Zen Buddhism?

                                                             v.      Film: Rashomon

1.        see questions


II.                   Southeast Asia

a.       The Gupta

                                                               i.      Geography

                                                              ii.      The advancement of science and learning.

                                                            iii.      Why it is considered a golden age of Indian history?

                                                            iv.      Kalidasa and the Shakuntala


b.       The Huns, Rajput's, and the Delhi Sultanate

                                                               i.      Know the chronology of the respective kingdoms



c.       The Mughal’s

                                                               i.      Text- Babur- how the Mughal’s came to power

                                                              ii.      Why Akbar is called “the Great”?

                                                            iii.      In class activity- Did the Mughal’s help or hinder the advancement of Indian civilization?