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Global Studies II Final Exam Study Sheet


Text- pgs.214-452


Topic 1- The Medieval world

1.      feudalism

2.      manorialism

3.      role of the church

4.      knights and chivalry


Topic II- The Growth of Towns

1.      guilds

2.      causes and effects of the growth of towns


Topic III- The Early Development of Nations

1.      the Magna Carta

2.      King John

3.      Joan of Arc

4.      Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain


Topic IV- the Crusades

1.      reasons for

2.      results of

3.      causes of decline


Topic V- the Plague


Topic VII- Sui, Tang and Sung China

1.      economic and cultural achievements


Topic VIII- Medieval Japan

1.      early Japanese culture and society

2.      feudalism


Topic IX- The Mongols


Topic X- India

1.      put in order: Mughal's, Tamerlane. Rajputs, Delhi Sultanate

2.      Muslim rule in India


Topic XI- The Ottoman Empire

1.      hand out


Topic XII- The Civilizations of Ghana, Axum, Kush, and Mali

1.      similarities between


Topic XIII- Maya, Inca, Aztecís

1.      achievements


Topic XIV- The Renaissance in Europe

1.      What was it?

2.      Machiavelli

3.      important figures

4.      writing in the vernacular


Topic XV- The Scientific Revolution

1.      Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Descartes



Topic XVI- Spainís American Empire

1.      areas of conquest

2.      important conquistadors and the places and people they conquered

3.      encomienda system


Topic XVII- The Commercial Revolution

1.      define

2.      mercantilism


Topic XVIII- The Protestant Reformation

1.      main ideas of Martin Luther

2.      who was John Tetzel

3.      Calvinism


Topic XIX- England

1.      who were the Puritans

2.      English Civil War

3.      The Glorious Revolution


Topic XX- Absolutism

1.      what countries had absolute rulers

2.      Louis XIV and Peter the Great