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Global Studies Exam Review Sheet


Topic I- The Renaissance

A.     What was the Renaissance?

B.     Why did it begin it Italy?

C.     What is humanism?

D.     Reading: Pico della Mirandola “Oration on the Dignity of Man

a.       According to Mirandola, what quality did human beings alone possess?  What did its possession allow them to do?

E.      Reading: Niccolo Machiavelli “The Prince

a.       What advice does Machiavelli offer to rulers?

b.      Why is Machiavelli sometimes called the first major political thinker?

F.      Readings: What was the role of women during the Renaissance?

G.     Main characteristics of Renaissance art, architecture, and sculpture


Topic II- European Exploration

A.     Factors Encouraging Exploration

B.     Areas of Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, and English exploration and settlement

C.     The Columbian Exchange

D.     Epidemics

E.      The Triangular Trade and Slavery

a.       Document: “Afonso I- Letter to the King of Portugal”

F.      The Encomienda System


Film: The Merchant of Venice-

A.    General plot

B.     How does the Merchant of Venice reflect the changes taking place in Europe during the Renaissance?


Topic III- India- The Gupta and Mughal Empires

A.     Geography:

a.       Bodies of water surrounding India

b.      Ganges and Indus Rivers

c.       The Himalayas

d.      The Deccan Plateau

e.       Cities of Goa, Calicult, and Calcutta

B.     General time period of the Gupta and Mughal Empires

C.     Advances during the Gupta

D.     Who is Tamerlane?

E.      What were the major achievements of Akbar?

F.      Why was there conflict between Muslims and Hindus during the Mughal Empire?

G.     Web Site: Mughal art


Topic IV- African Kingdoms and City-States

A.     Geography:

1.      Waterways surrounding Africa

2.      the five climatic zones


B.     Early East African Kingdoms:

a.       Kush, Meroe, Axum

b.      Coastal Cities:

1.      What is Swahili culture?

2.      Role of trade in east African coastal cities

C.     West African Empires:

a.       The Gold-Salt trade

b.      Basic chronology of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai

c.       Mansa Musa

D.     African culture: The Epic of Sundiata

a.       Film: “Keita-The Heritage of the Griot”

1.      Basic premise of the “Epic of Sundiata”