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Hear Ye, Hear Ye!  Let it be known that a Town Meeting is be held on Monday, October 20, 1787 in Ye Ol' Town Hall in the center square.  The topic to be discussed is, should the Federal Constitution be ratified?

Come one, come all.  Proper dress and deportment will be expected.    

Be there or be square!

Roles: 1. Chairperson, 2. One elected officials who represent the entire community, 3. Two people representing those in favor of the proposition (banker and merchant), 4.One surprise person for, 5. Two people representing those in opposition to the proposition (farmer, state representative under the Articles), 6. One surprise person against, 7. Community members at large (the riff-raff).


The following rules and procedures will be used to conduct this activity: 

            1. Chairperson calls meeting to order, announces purpose of the meeting, introduces the elected officials, and announces rules and time limits.

            2. Chairperson calls elected official who makes brief opening statement about the importance of the issue being considered.

            3. Chairperson calls banker to speak in favor of the proposition (two minutes).

            4. Chairperson calls farmer to speak against the proposition (two minutes).

            5. Chairperson calls merchant (two minutes).

            6. Chairperson calls state leader (two minutes)

            7. Chairperson calls surprise speaker in favor (1.5 minutes)

            8. Chairperson calls surprise speaker against (1.5 minutes)

            9. The chairperson opens the question for additional discussion or debate.  During this time any person may stand, be recognized, and present his or her point of view or argue against the point of view of someone else.

            9. Chairperson calls for class vote on the proposition.