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What was it like to be a colonist who lived through the revolutionary period?  Imagine that you are a colonist who has lived through the events leading up to the American Revolution, the revolution itself, the government under the Articles of Confederation, the debates surrounding the ratification of the Constitution, and ultimate ratification of the Constitution itself (1765-1788).


Choose a possible identify from these choices: 1. New England merchant, 2.  Wife of New England merchant, 3. Southern Plantation Manager, 4. Slave- man or women (imagine you are one of Thomas Jefferson’s slaves, most of whom had basic literacy skills), 5. Native American Chief, or anyone else you can think of who might be appropriate (If you do pick a character that is not on this list, please clear it with me first!).  Pick a real coloial person from the following sources- or a source of your own- from which to base your character; however, I would like you to be imaginative and present a character of your own creation!  



Create a diary that includes entries dated:

                October 15, 1765, March 5, 1770, September 15, 1774, April 20, 1775, July 6 1776, October 20 1781, January 20 1787, August (1788)


In your entries refer to the political events happening around that date.  Bring out the significance of the events for your character, and your character’s attitude toward them.  Also, try to develop your character as much as possible by including thoughts about daily life, and maybe even personal issues. 


Finally, write a final entry, written near the end of your character’s life, where your character reflects on the momentous events he/she has lived through.  Is your character happy with the way things turned out?  Has their life been changed much by these political events? 



Put some effort in crafting the physical appearance of your final product.  Hand in your diary… in the form of a diary! 



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