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Review Sheet for US Exam # 1


I.                    Native American Cultures in Crises

a.      Whites move west- Homestead Act, Pacific Railroad Act, Transcontinental Railroad

b.      Indian Wars

c.      Assimilation- the Dawes Act


II.                 The Cowboy

a.      The myth and the reality


III.               Agrarian Protest

a.      Cheap and available land- Homestead and Morrill Land Grant Acts

b.      Problems facing farmers in the late 1800ís

c.      Farmers response: the Grange, Populism

d.      The Election of 1896

e.      The Wizard of Oz as a Populist allegory


IV.              Technology and Industry after the Civil War


V.                 The Impact of the railroad

a.      On the average American

b.      On business and industry

c.      On government: Abuses, Granger Laws, 1887 Interstate Commerce Act

d.      On the economy


VI.              The Rise of the Entrepreneur

a.      The corporation

b.      New forms of business organization: vertical integration, horizontal integration, Conglomerate, Pools, Trusts, Holding Co.

c.      Social Darwinism

d.      Robber Baron vs. Captains of Industry Debate


VII.            The American worker confronts the New Industrial Order

a.      Problems workers faced

b.      Unions- goals and tactics

c.      Unrest- Great Railway Strike (1877), Haymarket Affair (1886), Homestead Strike (1892), Pullman Boycott (1894)