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Unit VII: What, Then, Is This American? ca. 1865 - 1900

Question/Problem 7: Were industrial leaders "captains of industry" or "robber barons?"

Assessment Criteria: Industrial Leader Essay

Arguments: Three strong arguments are made to support either that the industrial leader was a "captain of industry" or a "robber baron." Three thoughtful, and insightful arguments made. 5
Three adequate arguments made. 4
Two brief arguments made. 3
Three arguments made, but not supported with data. 2
Student fails to adequately describe arguments. 1
Information: Facts, details, and examples are are used to support arguments. Variety of accurate facts, details, and examples. 5
Sufficient amount of material to support arguments. 4
Small amount of supporting information is included. 3
Little and/or inaccurate and information included. 2
No supporting information is included. 1
Organization: Essay clearly includes an opening paragraph,an organized body of information, and a conclusion. Essay has definite beginning, middle and end. 3
There is an attempt to organize essay. 2
No organization, lacking proper structure. 1
Writing style: Essay is readable with varied sentence structure. Clear, readable, and varied writing style. 2
Some parts of essay are not clear. 1
Grammar, mechanics,spelling: Letter has been proofread. Grammar, mechanics, spelling consistently correct. 2
Some weaknesses and errors. 1
17-16 = Excellent
15-14 = Good
13-12 = Satisfactory
11-10 = Needs Improvement
9 - 5 = Unsatisfactory
TOTAL SCORE______________

YOUR GRADE________________

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